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public buildings

It's our feeling that the best public buildings are like a home for a collective personality - where shared values can be experienced but also reinvented. We work with the culture of organisations, and with existing conditions,to make places of encounter and exchange. We've worked for unconventional institutions, delivering resilient frameworks and vivid new spaces - like Amnesty's street-level Human Rights Action Centre, the Whitechapel Gallery's attic education studio, or the courtyards at Astley Castle for the Landmark Trust. We build durably, crafting the meeting of economical materials so that they stand up to use and change.We are skillful at extendingand reworkingexisting buildings for new uses,respecting and renewing the values they embody.

"As a working emblem of Amnesty's work ... the Human Rights Action Centre engenders a rare sense of pride. Stand in the foyer and witness how many staff eagerly point out the building's features to visitors."

"The architects have understood and reinterpreted the original intentions. There is no flashiness, rather a deep understanding of the architecture and spirit of an era of unsentimental municipal and philanthropic generosity."

At Astley we friends lived life just that little bit more richly and as slightly better versions of ourselves. It made us happy. Is that not what great architecture is about?