witherford watson mann architects
stirling prize winners 2013

Someone said that "architecture has a duty to suggest behaviour" - and we'd agree. We work openly with progressive clients to make places that support lively institutions and touch the collective imagination. Because we focus on the values and culture as well as the constructional hardware, we've been asked to look at a very wide range of scales and issues: everything from post-industrial landscapes to housing in the city, and from public buildings to ruined castles. Responding each time afresh to the unique conditions, our one common theme is making the most of what's already there. Personally committed, we have the skills to turn constraints into opportunities, and to bring about transformational change in collaboration with communities and collectives.

'WWM are an Observer Corps, wonderful hoverers, observers, listeners, interpreters, mind changers. They mull and incubate space, time, value, patterning and culture.'